Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Sichem Mumbai - it isn't easy being green

When the Panama flag chemical tanker Sichem Mumbai anchored in number one anchorage today to take on bunkers, it would have been easily ignored were it not for the unfortunately brilliant green stripe painted around its superstructure. (Just around the arm pits, it the bridge wings can be thought of as arms).
Operating for the 40 chemical tanker strong Team Tankers International Ltd [TTI] fleet (formerly Eitzen Chemical) the ship was built in 2006 by 21st Century Shipbuilding Co of Tongyeong, South Korea. The 8562 grt, 13.085 dwt ship has epoxy coated tanks, which allow it to carry certain types of chemicals (other ships in the fleet have stainless steel tanks for other sorts of products).

Up until recently the ship was painted in a conventional way with a red hull, white superstructure and  blue funnel. It acquired a TT logo when Eitzen morphed into TTI in 2015. The green stripe appears to be a rebranding of the Bermuda based TTI (that is in reality Norwegian and listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange), but has so far not gotten around to changing the funnel to green. The ship itself is owned by Toda Kisen KK of Japan and is on finance lease to TTI.

The ship arrived from wintery La Baie, on the Saguenay River,and still has some frozen spray on its deck, and is heading to balmy Key West - probably for orders.


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