Friday, February 12, 2016

Tanker Activity

After a fairly quiet period, there is tanker activity in Halifax again.

 A string of auto racks line a siding that runs through Imperial Oil and ends up at Autoport.
(February 11 photo)

Yesterday Petalouda arrived at Imperial Oil dock 3. The 26,913 grt, 47,322 dwt ship was built in 2008 by Onomichi Zosen and flies the Bahamas flag for Samos Steamship Co of Athens.

BW Cougar in Bedford Basin.
(February 6 photo)

 The BW Cougar, which arrived February 4 and was sitting at anchor in Bedford Basin moved to number 4 oil dock this morning. It was built in 2014 as Eleanora Cougar by SPP Shipbuilding Co of Goseong, South Korea. It measures 29,737 grt, 49,999 dwt and is owned by BW Group Ltd of Bermuda, but flies the Singapore flag.

Four tankers in one photo, with Gotland Carolina in the middle, and Algoma Dartmouth alongside.

Then later this morning the Gotland Carolina arrived in ballast and anchored at number one anchorage in the lower harbour for bunkers. The 29,283 grt, 53,160 dwt ship dates from 2006 when it was completed by Guangzhou International in China. It is also Bahamas flag for Hafnia Management of Hellerup, Denmark. It has called in Halifax several times and is also a frequent winter visitor to Montreal and Quebec.
It was here January 7, 2015  also for bunkers, but was fully loaded, and November 20-22, 2015 at Imperial Oil.

It has also been a quiet time for the bunkering tanker Algoma Dartmouth which had not strayed from its base at pier 34 for weeks.

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