Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Shipfax has granted its weary staff some time off, so there will no posts for the next ten days or so.

In the meantime look for:

May 20 - return of the Pearl Mist. The Halifax built cruise ship will be resuming its summer Great Lakes/St.Lawrence cruise season. It will not be back until September.

May 27 - maiden arrival of Atlantic Sail for ACL. This is the second of the new G4 ships.

May 28 - CMA CGM Tage first time caller on the Columbus Loop. With a capacity of 9365 TEU I believe this may set the record for largest container ship to call in Halifax. Built in 2015, it measures 95,263 grt, 113,800 dwt.
It will certainly be the first ship to call here with the island superstructure bridge set out forward of amidships. Built in 2015, it measures 95,263 grt, 113,800 dwt. The largest classes of container ships are built this way to ensure that the navigation bridge has adequate visibility forward over the deck load of containers.


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