Saturday, December 7, 2019

Victorious Ace

Among the many Mitsui OSK Line aurocarriers with Ace names, Victorious Ace may be a first timer in Halifax. Built in 2011 by the Minami-Nippon yard in Shitanoe, it is 59,022 GT, 18,396 dwt ship with a capacity of up to 6,163 cars.

As Victorious Ace sails, the integrated tug/barge Leo A. McArthurJohn J. Carrick are visible at the McAsphalt dock in Easter Passage. 

Last night's snow fall was rapidly melting away, but there were a few patches in some places on the Dartmouth shore.

Captain E.T.Rogers working as pilot boat today, works its way outbound to disembark the pilot from Victorious Ace.

Victorious Ace is eastbound on this trip, giving Antwerp as its next port of call.


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