Sunday, October 25, 2020

PSA Halifax - bigger but not yet better

 The Port of Halifax and southend terminal operators PSA Halifax celebrated the expansion of the facility in a ceremony on Friday, October 23 with a ribbon cutting. The pier extension is now fully operational and capable of handling two "Ultra" class container ships (10,000 TEU and larger) at once according to a press release from the Port Authority.

Regrettably the Port missed the opportunity for public engagement in the project by leaving access to the breakwater walkway padlocked. The walkway was a gift to the people of Halifax in return for the  construction of the deep water piers, which cut off traditional access to the waterfront.

The Port will need all the good will it can muster if it does not soon show results for various truck diversion options for downtown. Surely the walkway (which was pressure washed in advance of the ceremony) would be one way to do so.

Pressure washing underway,  but .....

- access gate padlocked, 

- explanatory sign faded to illegible,

-PSA interpretive poster inaccessible and thus unreadable.

-Customs zone warning sign highly visible.

Pedestrians are greeted with faded and now illegible interpretive signage and rusty padlocks - very unwelcoming.


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