Friday, November 5, 2021

Acadia Returns [ Post#1 of 3 for November 5 ]

 The 1913-built Acadia returned to its berth at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic this morning. 


The veteran of two World Wars and decades of hydrographic survey work has been a static display fixture at the Museum since 1982, but was retired many years before (in 1969) and declared a National Historic Site in 1976. It does require periodic hull maintenance, and that used to be done in Halifax, but there is a shortage of drydocking capability here now, so in August the ship was towed to Shelburne, NS where Irving Shipbuilding Inc has appropriate facilities to effect some much needed repairs to its aged hull.

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 The ship was towed back in today by the tug Irving Elm which has only recently returned from a summer's work with a barge ferrying cargo into Rankin Inlet from the mouth of Chesterfield Inlet on the west coast of Hudson Bay.


The pair were met off Maugher's Beach by the harbour tug Atlantic Fir suitably draped with white sheets to prevent scuff marks on the newly painted hull.


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