Saturday, November 27, 2021

BBC for 9C

 Another ship arrived today to be fitted for steel frames to carry submarine cable. This time it is BBC Direction a 2007 product of the Viana do Castelo shipyard in Spain. Built as Vela J. it was renamed Industrial Dream on delivery. In 2015 it became BBC Vela and took its present name in 2019.

A multi-purpose vessel of 7252 gt, 7973 dwt, it also has heavy load and heavy lift capability with two 250 tonne capacity cranes. As with most Spanish built ships it has a stylish touch, this one with a "turtleback" over the foredeck and the sloped fairings aft on the superstructure.

Atlantic Beaver comes alongside the starboard quarter to assist the ship to a berth at Pier 9C north.

Due to the limited bending radius for fibreoptic cable, it must be stored in coil fashion. The steel racks are designed to nest the cable securely, and to allow for easy transfer to shore or cable ships without damage. Once the cable racks are fitted the ships usually head to Newington, NH (adjacent to Portsmouth) where the cable is manufactured. They can then load and deliver the cable to wherever it is needed. 


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