Monday, November 8, 2021

Siem Plato - brings in the cars

 The auto carrier Siem Plato arrived at Autoport, Halifax, November 8 from Emden, Germany. Included in its cargo are the eagerly awaited 2022 model Porsche Taycans, the new $100,000 plus all electric cars.

Built in 2009 as CSAV Rio Itata, the ship was renamed Paganino in 2014 and became Siem Plato in 2017. Constructed by the Yangfan Group, Zhoushan, it is a 47,020 gt, 11,373 dwt vessel with a capacity of 4900 TR (cars) making it a medium size RoRo carrier. It is fitted with a 120 tonne capacity stern ramp and a 15 tonne capacity side ramp.

Siem Car Carriers AS is based in Norway and has the same ownership as Secunda Canada LP, the supply vessel operators. Siem Car Carriers has six ships, most of which have been to Halifax, but I think this is the first time for Siem Plato

The Siem Plato is not planning to deliver any cargo on the Halifax side of the harbour. The last auto carrier to call, Morning Claire arrived in Friday, November 5. After off loading cars it moved over to Pier 30-31 where it unloaded a variety of machinery, but also an attractive sail boat (which may or may not have been destined for Halifax). Pier 30-31is now under the control of PSA Halifax and is included in their fenced area. Containers are stacked everywhere, effectively blocking many views.

Docking at Pier 31 the Morning Claire did not make it easy for photographers.

Picture taking through chain link fences does not always have happy results.

Morning Claire, although branded for Eukor, was sailing on Wallenius Wilhelmsen's SVC1 service. Built in 2012 by Shin Kurushima, Toyohashi, it is a 60,978 gt, 16,491 dwt ship with a capacity of 5,000 cars.

Also in port on the weekend was the Grande Houston - but its arrival and departure did not co-operate with daylight, sorry no pictures.



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