Friday, November 5, 2021

Bags and Bags of Cargo [Post #2 of 3 for November 5] - REVISED

 Two ships, in at the same time at adjacent berths, one loading bagged cargo and one unloading bagged cargo! What are the odds?

First ship in was the gearless bulk carrier Kohl I which arrived from Israel, then Turkey, on November 3. Built in 2007 by Shanghai-Chengyi in Jiangyin and initially named Goodwill it was quickly renamed Pomorye by the Murmansk Shipping Co. In 2019 it was acquired by Regano Navigation Corp and renamed Kohl I.

There does not seem to be a connection between those owners and the huge letter "Z" on the funnel.

Tied up as it was at Pier 27, photography was almost impossible, but it was easy to see two shore cranes loading bagged cargo.

[Hearing the dryers at the Halifax Grain Elevator roaring away in the background leads me to believe it is a pulse crop cargo such as soy beans. The port recently shipped some soybeans on the ship Tufty, and these are sometimes shipped bagged and in containers. With the current backlogs in container shipping, cargo shippers are resorting to novel methods of moving cargo. Bagging food grade cargo allows it to be shipped in bulk carriers that might not be suitable for bulk grain. - see Update below]

Across the camber at Pier 31 the Gotland on its regular run from Cuba for Nirint Shipping was unloading bagged nickel sulfides. Again a difficult ship to photograph.

The ship uses its own gear to handle the bagged cargo with special "spreaders" equipped to lift the bags. See the background on this ship in my post from April


Thanks to a reader for pointing out that Kohl I was actually unloading cargo. Still don't know what it was.


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