Saturday, November 20, 2021

Jean Goodwill - on patrol

 The CCGS Jean Goodwill (ex Balder Viking) sailed this morning on SAR patrol. With CCGS Earl Grey in refit the ship will head for the areas east of Halifax. CCGS Sir William Alexander is covering the area west of Halifax.

The former offshore icebreaking / tug supplier, built in 2000, was acquired by the CCG in 2018 and refitted for Coast Guard use for fifteen to twenty-five years or until new vessels can be purpose built. In the meantime other vessels will be given life extension refits.

Jean Goodwill entered service in November 2020 and has since worked the winter of 2020-2021 in the Gulf of St.Lawrence and headed north during the summer of 2021. It left Halifax July 1 and returned October 9. As with all CCG ships it is "multi-tasked" for SAR (Search and Rescue), patrol, navigation aids and other duties such as ice breaking.


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