Thursday, November 4, 2021

Coast Guard vessel G.Peddle S.C., Cold Move

 The Canadian Coast Guard patrol vessel G.Peddle S.C. had been hauled out on the cradle at the CME shipyard in Sambro, NS for some time. Today it was moved back into Halifax harbour, where refit work will be continued at the Bedford Institute. I noted that a scaffolding structure has been erected on the  after deck.


The cold move was conducted by Dominion Diving's new small tugs Dominion Rumbler (towing) and Dominion Enforcer (with a stern line). The Coast Guard's lifeboat Hare Bay, which has been stationed in Sambro accompanied the tow into port then returned to Sambro.


It is unsual for refits to be split like this, but perhaps the shipyard needed the cradle for another vessel. The G.Peddle S.C. was removed from service in June 2020 reportedly to have its engines replaced.

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Also buzzing around the area at the same time was the CGE 316 (an unofficial name).

 Since the boat is under 15 gross tons, it is not required to be registered by name, so it carries the registration number C19179NS. According to Transport Canada's on line system that registration has been "Suspended". Interesting.

Speaking of suspension, the boat's weight of 12,674 lbs has been posted on the wheelhouse just above the side windows, no doubt to facilitate craning aboard a truck.


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