Thursday, August 4, 2022

BBC Austria - updated

 The multi-purpose / heavy lift vessel BBC Austria arrived today, August 4, initially at anchor, then moved to Pier 9C. The few hours at anchor were required by the Canadian Food Inpsection Agency to check for the larva of the invasive LDA moth. Because the ship had been in Asia recently, it was possible that the larva were present aboard. 

Once deemed to be clear of the dangerous pest, the ship was cleared to move to the pier.

The BBC Austria was built in 2009 by Tianjin Xingang in Tianjin, China. The 6967 gt, 7741 dwt ship carries two 250 tonne SWL cranes that can combine for a 500 tonne lift. The ship has removable tween decks and can carry a variety of cargo including a nominal 599 TEU (377 TEU at 14 tonnes) and has 60 reefer plugs. BBC Chartering is owned by Briese Schiffahrts of Germany and has a fleet of more than 150 ships. It is the largest multi-purpose and heavylift company.

Ships berth at Pier 9C for a variety of reasons, but my guess is that it is here to be fitted with prefabricated racks to carry fibreoptic cable.

Update:  Bad guess! The ship was in port for bunkers. The tank truck from RST delivered the fuel, presumably from Irving Oil.

 The ship arrived from Los Bocas, Mexico, and until it sails late this afternoon I will not know its destination port. (It originally sailed from Busan, South Korea June 11, and transited the Panama Canal July 9 -16 - likely after waiting in queue for several days.) 

2nd Update

The ship departed mid afternoon giving Oshwa, ON as its destination.


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