Monday, August 22, 2022

Sea Cougar

 The Athens based Pantheon Tankers Management has thirty-two tankers in its stable, and most have the prefix "Sea" in their names. The rest of the names are made up of animals, precious stones and miscellaneous other words, resulting in numerous improbable creatures, such as the Sea Cougar.  

Pantheon took delivery of the ship Sea Cougar April 15, 2019 from STX Offshore + Shipbuilding in Jinhae, South Korea. The 29,529 gt, 49,910 dwt Mid Range ship arrived at Imperial Oil's number 3 dock on August 18 from Baytown (Houston area), TX, with a cargo of refined petroleum product.

 At number 3 oil dock, the ship had many lines out to the recently upgraded "all weather" moorings.

It sailed late this afternoon August 22 for Houston, in ballast. The photo shows the "PTM" funnel mark of Pantheon Tankers Management. Based on the size of that funnel, it appears the ship was built with an exhaust gas scrubber.

The pilot boat Capt E.T.Rogers sets out with the ship to disembark the pilot at the pilot station.


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