Thursday, September 16, 2010

Florence D for bunkers

1. Florence D anchored, awaiting bunkers.

2. Jasmine Knutsen anchored, taking bunkers. The nature tour boat Haligonian III is outbound.

The bulk carrier Florence D arrived early this morning for bunkers. She has to wait her turn until the tanker Jasmine Knutsen takes her bunkers. Interestingly both ships are orange hulled - but are otherwise unrelated. Florence D ex Florence, built in 2006, flies the flag of the Marshall Islands and has a deadweight capacity of 53,000 tonnes.

It was in Sept Iles, QC earlier this month (probably unloading bauxite or alumina) then loaded in Lower Cove, NL (probably a cargo of quartzite) before arriving here.

Another Florence D took the headlines last year when it was discovered off Bathurst Island, Australia. The 1919 built US ship had been sunk by aircraft from the Japanese carrier Hyru. The ship was returning to Darwin, Australia in 1942 after a failed attempt to re-supply US troops in the Philippines. It's wreck was finally discovered and identified in March 2009. More info at:

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