Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pier 9 face work

The face of pier 9 has been under construction since spring. A sectional spud barge has been moving gradually northward along the pier face driving anchors through the concrete pier face into the fill behind. The Acton, ON based company Geo Foundations is carrying on the work and has just reached the knuckle between pier 9B and pier 9C.
The anchors are the prelude to new concrete work and sheet piles to deepen the pier
face and allow dredging alongside.
Eventually there will be a new pier face at pier 9D as well - the last "unimproved" piece of shoreline just south of the A. Murray MacKay bridge on the Halifax side.

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  1. That spud barge looks like it's on its last leg. Pardon the pun:)