Sunday, May 22, 2011

Grand Manan V mystery [update 2]

Damage to the ferry Grand Manan V may be more serious than orginally thought. Not only that, but there seems to be difficulty in finding a shipyard to do the work.

Despite my earlier updated report, it appears that the ship may not be going to Pictou after all. New intelligence suggests that the ship is heading for Montreal. This long trip will take several days, and in fact Montreal may not be the ultimate destination. We will see.

Update: The ship's AIS is now giving Méchins, QC as the destinaiton. This is the next hearest yard with a a drydock that could handle the ship. Verreault's shipyard there would be well able to deal with any repirs the ship needs.
There may be an explanation - embarassing though it migh be, for the earlier report about Montreal as destination. In fact that report gave Lachine as the destination. Someone (whose knowledge of geography and the French language may have been limited) probably confused Lachine with Méchins (or Les Méchins, as it is correctly rendered.)
If you were to pronounce Lachine to sound like Machine and Méchins as Machines I guess that would explain it.

Macs Instant French pronunciaiton guide for anglophones:
Lachine= la shin
Méchins= you have to hear it said properly - give me a call.

Lachine, just at the west end of downtown Montreal, is the entrance to the old St.Lawrence Canals, which bypassed the Lachine rapids. They were so named as a joke on the great explorer LaSalle, who was not satisfied with finding the Mississippi, and wanted to find China, but was stopped by the rapids. La Chine is french for China.

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