Monday, September 17, 2012

HMCS Iroquois - does life begin at 40

This year HMCS Iroquois is celebrating the 40th anniversary of her commissioning into the RCN July 29, 1972. Laid down at Marine Industries Ltd in Sorel, Qc on January 1, 1969 and launched November 28, 1970, she is the lead ship of the Tribal class destroyers. [Sister Athabaskan was laid down June 1, 1969, launched November 27, 1970, but was commissioned later on September 30, 1972. She is now in refit at St. Catharines, ON.] Both received extensive upgrades in 1994-95.
Despite her years, Iroquois continues to be a sleek and powerful vessel. I missed getting a photo of her on a celebratory day trip last week - she slipped in and out too fast for me to catch. I was luckier this morning since she had to reduce speed to allow a tour boat to dock, so I caught up with her as she passed the Tall Ship Quay.
As Canada's oldest fighting ship, she certainly does the RCN proud.


  1. Canada's oldest fighting ship would be the Maritime Museum's ACADIA, because she was a commissioned naval vessel during the First World War. I think what you meant to say is that IROQUOIS is the oldest vessel in the current fleet, but even that's debatable because both AOR's, PROTECTEUR & PRESERVER, are older and still in service.

  2. I still remember the day I first saw her sailing past Pier 9 heading into the Bedford Basin for some further testing. I grew up in the north-end of Halifax in Mulgrave Park. I had a clear view of the harbour from both indoors and outdoors. She use to have V or Feathered Diesel Stacks. They sure looked pretty but, I heard they stuck out like a, flock of seagulls over the ocean, on Radar. All of the 280 Class Ships had to have this Cosmetic Surgery.

  3. I certainly thought they looked better with canted out stacks- but you are right they were too distinctive!
    I'll stay with Canada's oldest fighting ship because I don't think there's much fight left in the AORs - some might disagree, and that's OK, but I don't see then going into combat any time soon-I hear they can't land helos anymore either. And yes that would be in commission.
    I think the US has kept the Constitution in commission, so she would have a long way to go to beat any other records!