Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tombarra - outbound from Autoport

1. A small group of gulls observe the departure of Tombarra as it passes Algonova, anchored in number two anchorage area. Did you know that gulls are not just car spotters, but are ship spotters too?
The steady stream of car carriers to Autoport continues unabated.  Canada's high dollar must be making imports more affordable, because there seems to be no end to the Audis, BMWs and Mercedes arriving-not to mention all the other European brands available in Canada.
Today's visitor is no stranger. Tombarra, built in 2006 is a Wilhelm Wilhelmsen ship operating under the Wallenius Wilhelmsen  banner, in the pooled fleet.
It is a mid size carrier by today's standards, with a capacity of 6,354 vehicles.
Recent investigations have lead to charges of price fixing in the autocarrier world, so be prepared for some shakeout in the industry.

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