Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sirius Leader - inbound for Autoport, before the storm

1. The tugs Atlantic Larch and Atlantic Oak have made up alongside in choppy conditions and high winds.

With winds building up, Sirius Leader arrived this afternoon for Autoport. With a storm on its way it was thought for a time that the ship might hold off Halifax until conditions improve. However it arrived and docked on schedule.
The ship was built in 2000 for the Singapore Shipping Corp (SSC) and is on charter to NYK Line, which operates more than 100 RoRo vessels in its world wide service.
The ship measures 51,496 gross tons and has a capacity of 3,938 cars.
2. The ship's upper hull is rounded over the bow, but with slab sides and sharp corners, unlike yesterday's visitor with its rounded edges. These measures are intended to streamline the ship somewhat, but cannot conceal the fact that it is a floating car garage. 

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