Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Barges for the Big Llift Project - Part 2

The two barges finally arrived this afternoon and after slowly making their way in from the pilot station, they were shepherded alongside the Cherubini dock by RMI Marine's Belle-D and Captain Jim.

Océan Arctique makes its way in with the two barges in close hauled tow. That is the cargo ship Onego Trader anchored off after unloading a cargo of rail at pier 27.

Belle-D and Captain Jim await the tow.

The new look Timberland bears little resemblance to its previous appearance (see previous post and below).

Océan Abyss has also changed a lot - it now has two spuds, with winches and is carrying a couple of small loaders and other gear on deck.

The tug Océan Arctique then headed for Pier 9C where it tied up for refueling. When it leaves Halifax it will be returning to its regular station in Sept-Iles, QC.

Heading up the Narrows, Océan Arctique was a handsome sight.(see also Tugfax.)

A mere 40 years ago, Timberland lifts some drill rig legs from the barge Haltren No.1 at pier 6. The barge transported the components from Dosco's steel plant in Trenton, NS to Halifax. In the days of fixed lens rangefinder cameras, I didn't get the end of the jib.


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