Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Stadt Cadiz for sea trials

The long idle Stadt Cadiz is scheduled to go on sea trails tomorrow July 8.

Since arriving in Halifax May 6, the ship was completely unloaded and has been sitting at pier 9B undergoing main engine repairs.

Does that look like the component of a four year old main engine, even one made in China?

The crew has been repainting the hull, but most of the activity has apparently been taking place below decks.

The ship is registered in St.Johns Antigua and Barbuda.

On return later in the day the ship is to go to anchor in Bedford Basin, suggesting to me that it is awaiting orders. It missed its monthly rotation for CMA/CGM, which would have been this past week end.  CMA/CGM had the ship Partrici in July 9 (it was scheduled for June 27) on the Maersk CMA/CGM service. CMA/CGM seems not to be able to find ships that can operate on a tight schedule.

I was out of town, so missed getting a photo of Patrici.


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