Friday, July 10, 2015

Queen Mary 2 - magnificent send off

It was a perfect summer evening, the waterfront thronged with people, the harbour crowded with pleasure craft and then the magnificent bellows of Queen Mary 2 announced her departure from pier 22.

The big ship eased away from the berth effortlessly, and glided up harbour to the widest part of the lower harbour off HMC Dockyard.

There she made a slow turn directly in line with the former residence of Sir Samuel Cunard. Had he still been home, he would have had a prime view of the ship.

She was met by the tug Atlantic Oak pumping her water cannons, and Theodore Too. Once turned , HMCS Montreal fell in astern.

 As the ship came abreast of the of the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, it came to a halt.

Taking a cannon salute from Sackville, she returned the favour with three+two prolonged horn blasts, then a final single blast. Boats, ferries and tugs in the harbour joined in on the cacaphony. Many of the shorebound spectators cheered as well as passengers jamming the rails of the ship.

Then it was lights on for the ship, as it picked up speed and headed for sea. Quite an event.


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