Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Passing Parade

In the space of an hour there were six ships passing the same point in Halifax harbour. This unusual event came late this afternoon.

First along was the Stadt Cadiz returning from (I am presuming) successful sea trails after engine repairs. As reported yesterday, the ship then went to anchor in Bedford Basin to await orders. The ship's place in the Maersk - CMA/CGM service is to be taken by EM KEA ex Cape Egmont, ex Cap Norte, a ship built in 2007 by Stoc. Szczecinska Nowa in Poland. The ship took its present name in April of this year. A gearless container ship of 3108 TEU, owned by Eurobulk Ltd of Athens, the former Hamburg-Sud ship is capable of 22 knots.

Shortly after HMCS Charlottetown came storming in. It did not reduce speed as it neared Ives Knoll and made a high speed sweep into number one anchorage and east of George's Island.

The reason for this rapid arrival was the outbound Dalian Express which needed most of the channel for its departure.

As soon as it was past Zim Luanda sailed from Halterm.

Meanwhile HMCS Glace Bay was making its way in.

It was then that it was possible to see three container ships all at once.

The inbound Zim San Francisco took the main channel inbound to Halterm as Zim Luanda used the western deep water channel, as it headed to sea.


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