Saturday, July 11, 2015

Saturday in the port

After last evening's extravaganza with Queen Mary 2, it was difficult to get too enthusiastic about today's activities, but there were some movements of interest.

The former Algobay (at least in parts) clears the A. Murray MacKay bridge outbound from Bedford Basin.

Radcliffe R. Latimer sailed with its load of gypsum. Although its departure was a bit later than expected, it did get underway at noon time. If you track the ship on AIS you will be amused to see that its name has been garbled and shows at "Riffadcle R Latimer".

BBC Skysails is sail assisted, but only when well out at sea.

Late this afternoon there were two arrivals in close order. First in was BBC Skysails. Its name describes it to a degree. Built in 2008  for the doomed Beluga Shipping Co as Beluga Skysails, it was fitted with a short mast in the bow which is the mooring point for a large para sail.  When Beluga failed in 2011 the ship was taken over by Briese Schiffahrts, renamed with the BBC prefix, and continues to use the sail when at sea, giving a boost of a knot or two. Whether the investment has paid of is unknown, but since the ship still carries to sail function it must have a measurable benefit, even if it is not used all the time.

 The black structure forward is a mast that secures the para sail .

The 6312 grt, 9747 dwt ship went to anchor in Bedford Basin awaiting orders. Vahali shipyard in Belgrade started construction of the ship, which was then delivered as a hull to the Volharding yard in Foxhol, Netherlands where it was completed.

 Foresight keeps its midship hatches clear to access its cargo.

Following close behind was a another former Beluga ship. Beluga Foresight came from the Qingshan yard in Wuhan in 2008, as a typical "F" class Beluga ship of 9611 grt, 12,669 dwt, with with a pair of heavy lift cranes. The German company Peter Doehle took over ownership in 2011 and simply dropped the "Beluga" suffix..
The ship initially went to anchor for CFIA inspection for Asian gypsy moth. It will move to pier 31 to unload its cargo of nickel concentrate from Cuba for Nirint Shipping. It will then proceed to Matane,  QC to load paper pulp and head for Rotterdam. It appears to be on a one trip spot charter to Nirint.


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