Saturday, July 25, 2015

Who will it be - CMA CGM a prime candidate

The recent mention of a new line coming into Halifax, and one that is familiar with the port, got the diggers working and one industrious reader has come up with CMA CGM.
Left out of the eventual Maersk / MSC Alliance, they have been particularly aggressive of late and therefore seem logical. 

In fact the line has already posted three port calls, starting with CMA CGM Vivaldi on August 2. The Halifax Employers Association list has it calling at Halterm.

This is a big ship, 90,745 grt, 100,400 dwt, 8238 TEU (including 700 reefer), built in 2005 by Hyundai, Ulsan. It is operated through MC-Seamax of Hartfourd, CT, one of those alternate financing operations that leases ships back to shipping lines.

CMA CGM is a partner with China Shipping and UASC (United Arab Shipping) in the Ocean Three Alliance and operates what they call the Columbus Loop. Starting in Vancouver/Seattle, the ships make several port calls in Asia (Busan, Shanghai, Ningbo, Yantian, Hong Kong, Vung Tau, Port Kelang), then head direct and non-stop via Suez to New York, Norfolk and Savannah. Adding Halifax would be a good move for them and for Halifax. As first North American port of call westbound, it would shave a day or two off a long haul. It would also give Halifax a much needed reputational boost with a negative local press corps.


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