Sunday, July 12, 2015

Delays at Imperial Oil

Two tankers arrived for Imperial Oil early this morning, but only one was able to dock immediately.

The attractive grey hull appears freshly painted.

The sharp looking Mariposa tied up at number 3 dock and began to discharge its cargo. Built in 2010 by Onomichi Zoshen, with tonnages of 28,418 grt, 50,120 dwt. It is operated under the Bahamas flag by Samos Steamships of Athens.

The other tanker is STI Texas City, and it had to go to anchor awaiting its turn at number 4 dock.

STI Texas City waits its turn at anchor.

That spot was occupied by Dara Desgagnés, which had been scheduled to leave  but was delayed several times. Finally it got under way at 1900 and crept out to an anchorage.

Dara Desgagnés was built in Wismar, Germany in 1992 as Elbestern. In 1993 it was transferred by its owners Rigel Schiffs. to a Canadian subsidiary and renamed Diamond Star. In 1993 management was transferred to Transport Desgagnés subsidiary PétroNav and chartered to Ultramar (now Valéro) and renamed.

Once the berth was clear STI Texas City was then able to move in to number 4 dock.

Flying the Marshall Islands flag for Scorpio Ship Management of Monaco, the ship was built in 2014 by SPP Shipbuilding Co in Sacheon, South Korea, and measures 29,732 grt, 49,990 dwt. It was last in Halifax May 25.


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