Monday, July 20, 2015

Water taxis are back

After several years, water taxis are back in Halifax harbor.
Two services have started up this summer.

Harbour Water Taxi

Operated by the developer of the Kings Wharf project in Dartmouth (where the old Dartmouth Marine Slips once stood) the service runs two outboard powered 12 passenger boats, built in China. A service to residents of the condominium development it is also accessible to the general public for a fare of $5. It runs every twenty minutes and takes 5 minutes or less (in good weather) to streak across the harbour to Sackville Landing.

The boats can also accept charters, and run to Macnab's Island on the weekends.

Chebucto Water Taxi

N.B. - this is a Zodiac, but it is registered to Fisheries and Oceans Canada and is a Coast Guard's inshore rescue boat - NOT the water taxi.

Operates between the Northwest Arm and downtown Halifax with a high speed Zodiac RHIB. During the 0730-0930 and 1630-1830 rush hours, it is dedicated to Northwest Arm commuters. The rest of the time it operates on demand from a whole variety of points on the Arm, both mainland and peninsula, to downtown Halifax at the Cable Wharf. It also goes to Macnab's and Alderney Landing in Dartmouth.

Altough it is tied up at the Cable Wharf, this Zodiac, number C14901NS is a CCG inshore rescue craft- NOT the Chebucto water taxi.

Totally aside from their utility in carrying people around, water taxis increase the activity on the waterfront, give people something to watch other than inert ships and generally create buzz.


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