Monday, July 27, 2015

Princess of Acadia Bows Out

Princess of Acadia made her final crossings Saint John to Digby and Digby to Saint John today. There was to be much fanfare on both sides of the run before the ship lays up in Saint John.
The ship made its first run in 1971 amid much fanfare, and this multi-fold glossy brochure. I have divided it up into 4, but it was published as one double sided page 9" x 16", folded in four:

The ship looked spectacular in its all white livery, but looked good in other schemes as well:

The most dignified was the Marine Atlantic blue with gold stripe.

The white scheme that Bay Ferries adopted for a time was impressive too, but the funnel needed something more.

Its final colour scheme was a successful combination of the two previous ones.

The final fate of the ship remains up in the air. As it is the property of the Minister of Transport, it will likely have to be disposed of by tender.


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