Monday, February 11, 2019


Zodiac Maritime, the ever expanding London-based ship management company operates 100 ships of all types, including 15 autocarriers (PCTCs). Some bear the names of the charterers, but some like today's visitor Donington follow a naming scheme unique to Zodiac.

 Stand-in pilot boat Capt. E.T. Rogers heads outbound as Donington rounds McNab's Island.

Donington is one of five ships carrying the name of British auto racing tracks. Donington Estate is a large facility near Derby that also hosts motorcycle races and concerts. Like all good race facilities it has a huge parking area for the spectators. Speaking of huge parking areas, the ship Donington has over 63,900 sf of parking space, resulting in a capacity for 7,429 cars (nominal intake.)

Built in 2017 by Shin Kurushima Dockyard Co Ltd in Onishi, Japan, the ship has a gross tonnage of 72,700 and 18,241 deadweight tonnes. Owners are listed as Mizuho Sangyo Co Ltd of Imabari, Japan.

Most autocarriers arrive in Halifax directly from Europe, but this one is heading eastbound for Bremerhaven. It apparently sailed from the Mediterranean to US east coast ports before arriving here.


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