Saturday, February 2, 2019

Lomur for Eimskip

It was an icy initial trip for the latest addition to the Eimskip fleet. Lomur arrived this morning with a substantial build up of frozen spray forward, coating masts and containers several feet thick in places.

Lomur is a rather small ship for the route, and like a lot of small feeder types has a superstructure piled up aft, which must be an uncomfortable place in rolling seas. Ships on the Eimskip Green Line do not have much opportunity to head south to make wide arcs around bad weather [see yesterday's post] They are on a schedule and must make a bee line for the next port. Therefore they get whatever weather is coming.

Measuring only 4454 gt, 5560 dwt, with a capacity of 505 TEU and equipped with a pair of 40 tonne cranes, Lomur was built in 2002 as Frisia by Qinshan Shipyard in Wuhan. It was delivered as Apolo, renamed Anja in 2003 and Ruby in 2010. The name Lomur was applied in 2015 and the ship registered in Gibraltar. It is operated by Briese Schiffs on behalf of a German ownership syndicate. 

Before sailing for Portland, ME this morning, the ship carried out a compass swing in number one anchorage. Perhaps they will find some warmer water en route, otherwise there will be a lot of work for someone to break free all those containers on deck forward.

Note the pilot rope ladder deployed just aft of midships, where there is a gap in the deck load. No wonder pilots find it unsafe to board certain ships in some conditions.


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