Friday, February 1, 2019

EF Ava- another lost life, APL Vancouver - another fire

EF Ava, one of three ships operating on Eimskip's weekly Green Line (Reykjavik / Argentia / Halifax / Portland / Halifax  / Argentia  / Reykjavik was en route from Argentia to Reykjavik January 29 when it was struck by a large wave. The ship's master, a Polish national, lost his balance and hit his head. The ship was 700 miles off Rekjavik, well outside helicopter range, and  nothing could be done to save the man's life. He died before the ship reached port on January 31.

The ship began calling here in July on a charter to Eimskip from German owners. It is registered in Madeira (Portugal). Its last call in Hailfax was on January 17, westbound. It skipped its January 21 eastbound stop.

The third ship on the Eimskip rotation will be Lomur arriving in Halifax for the first time tomorrow.

Off Vietnam, fire broke out on the container ship APL Vancouver . The ship, a 9200 TEU vessel last called in Halifax October 27 on the Columbus JAX route, but has since been reassigned.  A major response by the Vietnamese Coast Guard was hampered at first by severe weather. From photos and accounts online, the fire began below deck in containers closer to the bridge than midships..

The ship was en route from Shekou to Singapore when the fire broke out January 31, and the ship diverted to Vietnamese waters for assistance.


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