Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Asterix - time for a shave and haircut

Canada's naval supply ship NRU Asterix sailed from Halifax today, headed for a maintenance session at its home shipyard, Chantier Davie Canada Inc, in Lévis, QC.

Owned and operated by Federal Fleet Services (FSS), a sister company of Davie, the ship was leased, starting in January 2018 to the RCN after conversion from a container ship.The RCN appears to be happy with the ship's performance as an interim supply ship until new ships can be built. However after several Pacific and mid-East deployments the ship must be in need of some shipyard attention if only for paint.

It will do no harm to have the ship in Lévis in time for the federal election. The governing Liberals no doubt hope to be rewarded for ensuring the survival of the yard thanks to the Asterix, the turn-key project for icebreakers and transfer of the Louis S. St-Laurent heavy icebreaker replacement contract from Seaspan.


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