Thursday, October 31, 2019

Cruise Finale

The 2019 cruise season came one big step closer to the end today with Anthem of the Seas. The ship is the last large ship to call this year, with only two small ships yet to come, Silver Wind (295 passengers) on November 3 and Riviera (1250 passengers) on November 6.

Anthem of the Seas with a capacity of 4180 (double occupancy) is a Quantum class ship, the third largest class of ship currently in service. Only MSC's Meraviglia and Royal Caribbean's Oasis classes are larger.

It is a drizzly and windy day for the hardy travelers that decided to go ashore, but there are some attractions right at hand such as Canada's immigration museum at pier 21.

Many of the other attractions have already closed for the year.

Canada's naval memorial, Sackville returned to its winter home in HMC Dockyard last week.

Most of the waterfront's floating docks have been put in storage for the winter, but some attractions such as the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic and the Acadia remain open.

I did see a Harbour Hopper running on Monday, but none since.

With shorter daylight hours as we return to Atlantic Standard Time over the coming weekend, Shipfax will also be shifting emphasis slightly to the more commercial or governmental shipping activities until spring. Illustrations may also be more from the past than the present.

Hoewever I will still be watching the harbour.


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