Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Business as Usual

There was nothing particularly remarkable happening in the harbour today, but as with most days there were arrivals and departures, sometimes with a little more than meets the eye.

The cruise ship Seven Seas Navigator arrived early this morning, and due to its relatively small size, tucked in at pier 24, its usual berth.

The tug Gulf Spray and its barge remove refuse from the ship for disposal on shore. At least some of the material appears to be recyclables.The rest will be incinerated as "international waste."

The seawall, piers 20-22 was left open for Adventure of the Seas which made a somewhat odd noon arrival at the pilot station.

The Singapore flag product tanker BW Lynx arrived for Imperial Oil from Philadelphia with what appears to be a partial cargo.

Tugs line the ship up and push it alongside Number 3 dock.

 The former Elandra Lynx to 2014, was built in 2013 by SPP Tongyeong, and measures 29,737 gt and 49,999 dwt.

The Integrated Tug / Barge Leo A. McArthur / John J. Carrick arrived from the Great Lakes and tied up at the McAsphalt dock in Eastern Passage.

It made a wide swing west and north of George's Island, instead of cutting south of the Island at Ives Knoll. It probably did this to allow the autocarrier Valiant Ace to clear Autoport, which is the adjacent dock to McAsphalt.

CCGC G.Peddle S.C. sailed from the Bedford Institute for patrol along the South Shore.

The Peddle is regularly based here, and shared patrol duties with Corporal McLaren M.M.V. That boat has still not returned to service since vandals severed is mooring lines and it slipped off its cradle at Sambro last November. CCGC Constable Carrière has been drafted in from the Central Region to take its place.

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