Monday, October 7, 2019

Leave Takings

Several ships took their leave from Halifax at around the same time this afternoon. Of these, three consented  to pass before my camera.

Augusta Mars, sailing for Nirint Lines, completed discharging nickel sulfide from Cuba at pier 31. That cargo travels in bulk bags and is handled by the ship's own gear. Since the ship also carries containerized cargo from Cuba, the decks are kept clear over midship holds to allow access to the bulk cargo.

Built as Atlantic Power in 2000 by Jingjiang Shipyard, the ship has held the names Seaboard Power from 2001 to 2007, Federal Power from 2007 to 2013, Atlantic Power 2013-2015, Onego Power 2015-2016, and Atlantic Power again from 2016 until it broke from tradition and became Augusta Mars in 2018.

Recent losses of bulk carriers when certain bulk cargoes liquified underlines the wisdom of carrying semi-refined concentrates in bags.

The Bishu Highway sailed from Autoport after unloading a small part of its 6,135 CEU capacity.
Since it was built in 2009 by Shin Kurushima , Toyohashi, the 56,978 gt, 17,649 dwt ship has been repainted in a lighter hull colour but has not yet adopted K-Line's new scheme, which features a giant red band punctuated by a huge letter "K" near the stern.

Also outbound was the Finland flag general cargo ship Antonia. The 6351 gt, 9770 dwt 'tween decker was built in 2012 Jiangsu Yangzi Changbo and is equipped with two 80 tonne cranes.It was built as Pietro Benedetti and adopted its current name earlier this year when acquired by Helmer Lundstrom AB OY of Turku.

The ship arrived at the IEL dock this morning from Invergordon, Scotland, (on Cromarty Firth) which suggest a cargo related to the offshore petroleum industry. Its next port of call is shown as Albany, NY.

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