Sunday, October 20, 2019

Basin for Orders

Anchorage in Bedford Basin is not only a refuge from foul weather by also a convenient location to await orders. Shipowners, working through brokers and other channels seek the best deal for the ship's next cargo, and sometimes the ship must stand by until a deal is reached. Other times, the ship is not due in its next port for a time and Bedford Basin is a good spot to wait. Something similar may be case for the tanker BW Raven According to the operator's web site, the ship is due for survey November 30, 2019, and may be seeking a cargo going in the direction of the shipyard, or it just may be waiting so as not to arrive early.

BW Raven approaches the chosen anchorage in Bedford Basin.

Operator of the ship is the large Hafnia Pool, based in Singapore. The ship is part of the huge BW Group of more than 400 ships, including bulkers, offshore storage units (FPSOs), gas tankers, crude oil tankers and the world's largest fleet of product tankers.

BW Raven was built in 2015 by SPP Shipbuilding Co in Goseong, South Korea to typical MidRange tanker specifications of 29,751 gt, 49,999 dwt. Its cargo tanks are coated with chemically resistant  phenolic epoxy, allowing it to carry a variety of cargoes including the refined petroleum products it delivered to Imperial Oil. The ship arrived October 17 after a day's delay due to weather.


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