Monday, October 21, 2019

Star Pride

The small but very luxurious Star Pride while spending the day at pier 23, took the time to have some work done from the charter boat Captains Pride. The unusual stern in berthing of the ship was likely to provide some protection for a diver - however I don't see a diver's flag.

Note the closely spaced vertical bars on the openings around the ship's poop deck (aft weather deck where the mooring winches are located.) A sister ship was attacked by pirates off Somalia, and thus the ship carries several passive defense measures such as this. It also has LRAD (Long Range Acoustic Device) defense, a non-lethal, but nonetheless unpleasant means of fending off attackers.

The ship made its inaugural call in Halifax  as Star Pride just over a year ago:

The ship will look quite different after next year. In common with the two other ships in the Windstar fleet it is scheduled for a virtually unprecedented refit at Fincantieri, Palermo. The ship will be cut in half and a new 84 feet long section will be inserted amidships. That will add new restaurants, shops, 50 new suites (and proportionate crew space) and many other upgrades. New passenger capacity will be 312, up from 208.

However the most unusual change will be new engines and generators.

It is rare that ships get such a radical makeover. But in view of the new emission regulations the option of adding exhaust gas scrubbers to such a small ship was likely not an option. Conversion of the engines to alternate fuel was also likely impractical.


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