Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Five ships - no Mac [corrected]

With five cruise ships in port today, and thousands of visitors clogging the waterfront, I apologize that I was not too enthusiastic about mixing in with the crowds. Veendam, Zuiderdam, Regal Princess,and Fram are all familiar. The fifth ship, Riviera maybe less so, but with fading light again a factor I did not go to see it sail at 1800. However I can recommend today's issue of Halifax Shipping News which also has a series of photos taken aboard Asterix

For those interested in the Halterm extension, McNally continues to bring fill by barge from pier 9C to pier 42. The fill, from the port's stockpile in Fairview Cove, is dumped on the harbour bottom them clamshelled into the open cells of the cribs. Two crane barges are at work on this sort of reverse dredging.

The tug Mister Joe with one of the two dump scows (this one is Pitts No.12, a split hull type) running a shuttle from pier 9C to pier 42. The small tug J.F.Whalen helps to position the scow on arrival, where the fill is dumped on the bottom.

Two cranes clamshell the fill from the bottom into the open crib cells. The barge on the left is Idus Atwell and on the right Derrick No.4.

Yesterday workers were setting up a hopper and conveyor system at the end of pier 42.

Today I noted that the conveyor system has started working to place material in the crib cells too. That material is arriving by dump truck (through city traffic) and fed to the conveyor system. It appears to be a high quality gravel.

Today, while one of the cranes is clamshelling fill from the harbour bottom, the conveyor is placing gravel.For more on the tugs and barges, see past posts on Tugfax.


I  got the names of the October 2 cruise ships wrong (all except one). In fact the ships in port on October 2 were: 
Serenade of the Seas, Adventure of the Seas, Silver Wind, Norwegian Escape and Fram, and I did see the last one of these sail.
I must underline that I did not travel to Norway to see this.


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