Thursday, October 24, 2019

BW Raven makes a move

The BW Raven finally got to move from anchorage in Bedford Basin this morning. Weather conditions had kept the ship in the Basin since Sunday October 20 when it left Imperial Oil dock #3.
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The ship had so little of its cargo left on board at the time, it appeared to be in ballast. There must be a few drops left to unload yet, so it was back to the oil dock today.

The tug Spitfire III escorts BW Raven back to Imperial Oil from Bedford Basin.

BW Tankers (Word-Wide Shipping) appears to be transitioning to a new colour scheme. The funnel marking has been changed from solid  blue with white "BW" to a white band with a stylized globe.

The crude oil tanker BW Columbia, at anchor on the St.Lawrence River, displayed the older BW funnel mark and colour scheme.

Also the blue diagonal blue bands with BW initials painted forward on the hull have been painted over.

The difficult to remain green hull colour will apparently be kept.


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