Monday, December 14, 2020

MSC Poh Lin and Carmen

 Another MSC ship arrived in Halifax today. This one is a first time caller, unlike the December 12 arrival MSC Brianna which was here before August 24.

MSC Poh Lin is slightly larger at 54,774 gt, 66,786 dwt, with a capacity of 4862 TEU. The ship was built by Hyundai Samho in 2004.

I took the pictures from the newly opened walkway on the extended Pier 42 at PSA Halifax. I am grateful to have access once again after a year, during which it was closed for rebuilding.

The new walkway gives a much closer view of ships, compared to some other vantage points, such as the one I chose for the arrival of Carmen a short while later.

Built by Daewoo, Okpo in 2011, it is a 74,258 gt, 31,143 dwt ship with a capacity of 7,934 cars (RT43). Its name is not a pun but follows the Wallenius practice of naming ships after operatic characters.

MSC on the other hand selects women's names for its ships, but as far as I know they are generic, not recognizing any specific person.


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