Friday, December 4, 2020

Three's Company at PSA Halifax

 The benefit of the recently completed pier extension at PSA Halifax is not restricted the Ultra size (10,000 TEU and larger) container ships. Today the terminal accommodated three ships at once and even a fourth for a short time.

The largest ship was ZIM Shekou a 4250 TEU vessel, which tied up between berths 41 and 42, leaving enough room for Oceanex Sanderling at the RoRo ramp to also work containers. That still left lots of room at the extension for the 1102 TEU ZIM feeder Taipei Trader.

Not long after it finished work, it moved to Pier 36 (also now within PSA's area) to allow Eimskip's Pictor to tie up at the extension. There is no crane at pier 36 now, so the  ship could not work any cargo there.

I am not aware if the Port will be naming the new PSA extension Pier 43, or just spreading out the number 41 and 42 to cover the whole length of the pier.

The bow of ZIM Shekou is just visible under the crane at the left, at what was originally pier 42, leaving lots of room for Taipei Trader or a much larger ship.

The wonderful walkway on the breakwater and pier extension is inexplicably still not open to the public.


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