Sunday, June 23, 2013

Atlantic Cartier - I was wrong, then I was wrong again

1. File photo of Atlantic Cartier sailing from Halifax on the evening of March 25, 2005.

Despite my dire predictions (that was when I was wrong for the second time) Atlantic Cartier HAS returned to service, sailing from her berth in Hamburg June 22 and arriving in Antwerp today. Its departure coincides with taking up its regular slot in the ACL rotation, and returning to full service.
My report of June 6, which was later declared wrong was closer to being correct. My post of June 14 has now been proven wrong too, since none of the Grimaldi ConRos are now scheduled to call in Halifax - they won't be needed.
Atlantic Cartier is now due in Halifax July 1. It will receive a warmer welcome than it received in April 1987:
2. Atlantic Cartier sails from Halifax April 2, 1987. CCGS William loosened up a path for her, and is well ahead. Meanwhile CCGS Louis S. St.Laurent leads the gypsum carrier Melvin H.Baker . (The outbound William is just passing the inbound Baker)
For more on this singular even see my February 11, 202 post:

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