Thursday, June 13, 2013

Alsterstern for bunkers [corrected]

Corrected version (I had the ship's name wrong as Havelstern on first posting):

The Woodward Group, Coastal Shipping Ltd tanker Alsterstern arrived for bunkers and anchored in Bedford Basin this morning, June 13. The ship is one of three sisters acquired by Woodward to transport fuel in Newfoundland, Labrador and the far north. All three were acquired form Rigel Tankers in Germany, first to arrive was Alsterstern in July 2001, then Havelstern in September 2011 and Travestern in March of this year. At 11,423 gross tons and 17,080 deadweight, they are able to reach many of the smaller ports.
They generally work seasonally and layup for the winter, and are reactivated in spring for northern work. Last year Alsterstern arrived in Halifax on June 14, docking at Ultramar in Eastern Passage. It is likely to load there again this year before sailing.
Alsterstern anchored off Rockingham, 2013-06-14 waiting for a berth.



  1. This one is the Alsterstern. Havelstern and Travestern are arriving in the near future...all for bunkers and more

  2. Anyone curious because of the ships' names?
    - Alster, Havel and Trave are rivers in Germany. Their names commonly are associated with larger German cities: Alster & Hamburg, Trave & Lübeck/Kiel, Havel & Berlin.
    - Stern means Star, so the ships' names would be Star of Havel,...