Monday, June 24, 2013

Coastal Shipping's Travestern - hat trick for Woodward

The third of Coastal Shipping's trio of former Rigel tankers arrived today and anchored in the lower harbour. Travestern  is the latest acquisition by Woodward Group's tanker fleet, and just arrived this spring from former German owners.It was registered in St.John's March 15, about the time of its arrival in Lewisporte.
Alsterstern (posted here June 13) and Havelstern have both been in port but loaded cargo in Saint John, NB.
This ship was built in 1995 by MTW Schiffswerft in Wismar, Germany. It measures 11,423 gross tons and 17,080 deadweight.
Thanks to an anonymous reader, we have a succinct explanation of their names:

"- Alster, Havel and Trave are rivers in Germany. Their names commonly are associated with larger German cities: Alster & Hamburg, Trave & Lübeck/Kiel, Havel & Berlin.
- Stern means Star, so the ships' names would be Star of Havel,..."


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