Sunday, June 9, 2013

Coast to Coast

1. Coast spent the night anchored in Bedford Basin, and this morning moved to Halterm. All those tank containers are probably for rum , an important Cuban export.
Melfi Lines are the current users of a well traveled and oft renamed ship that has called in Halifax under three different names.
Now running as Coast, the ship first started visiting Halifax in 2003, but since it was built in 1997 it has changed names no less than eight times.
Built in 1997 as Nordcoast for Klaus E. Oldendorff of Germany, it has been chartered out to various shipping lines, becoming CSAV Buenos Aires almost immediately. In 1999 it reverted to Nordcoast then in 2000 it became Alianca Parana returning to Nordcoast in 2000. It then became DAL East London in 2001, Safmarine Nahoon in 2002 and Nordcoast again later in 2002. 
It was under that name that is first appeared in Halifax in 2003 sailing for Costa Container Line. It continued with them being renamed Cala Puebla in 2005.
Costa eventually failed and the ship went back to its orginal name Nordcoast in 2009. In 2010 its name was shortened to Coast then in 2012 it was renamed again to Vento Di Grecale. Earlier this year it became Coast (again)
In April it started calling in Halifax again for Melfi Lines, which serves Cuba.
The same owners, Klaus E. Oldendorff have owned the ship throughout all these changes.It was built by Stocznia Szczecinska in Poland and measures 16,264 gross tons, and carries 1684 TEU, including 120 reefers.It has three 45 tonne cranes.


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