Saturday, June 15, 2013

G.Peddle S.C., fifth launch for the CCG

 1. G.Peddle S.C. on the launch way this morning.

Halifax Shipyard launched the fifth Hero class coastal patrol boat today. With four more to go, they are now better than half way through the program for the Canadian Coast Guard. Of the boats built so far three are based on the Great Lakes and one in Quebec City.
CCGS G.Peddle S.C. and the sixth boat in the series Corporal McLaren M.M.V. will be based in Halifax.

The seventh boat will go to Quebec City and the last two will patrol the waters of British Columbia.
2. At noon, the boat started to move down the ways.
3. Once the boat got its feet wet, there was a pause while a diver attended to the cradle and the tug Atlantic Larch gets into position to take a line.
4. With boats from Connors Diving on each side,G. Peddle floated free.
5. Atlantic Oak and Atlantic Larch took the boat in hand for the short trip to pier 9B.
6. G.Peddle S.C. off pier 9B where it will be fitted out and conduct builder's trials.
6. Coming alongside, without the tugs touching the hull.

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