Tuesday, December 29, 2015

In and out before the next deluge

With more snow predicted for today, the auto carrier Dignity Ace made it in to Autoport this morning and sailed at noon just as the snow was starting.

As reported, the ship aborted its scheduled call yesterday due to high winds, but made a safe re-entry today. Its next port of call is Davisville, RI.

Also arriving at noon time was Oceanex Sanderling on its weekly run from St.John's.Freezing spray warnmings from last night proved true and the ship had a fine coating of ice on the hull and deck load.

A lobster boat with its posse of gulls heads out to tend traps as a rimed Oceanex Sanderling glides in. It used the western channel to give Dignity Ace lots of room.
Frigid air, around -10C, over much warmer water, plus fine snow flakes in the air, resulted in some fuzzy photo effects.

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