Saturday, December 5, 2015

Marina L pit stop

The Liberian flag bulk carrier Marina L put in to Halifax Thursday evening for bunkers.It was not the only ship in for bunkers, the tanker Furuholmen arrived earlier, but also left under cover of darkness. Due to gales over night the operation was delayed until Friday morning, when Algoma Dartmouth could come alongside safely.

Marina L was built as Brilliant Moira for Japanese owners Aono Kaiun KK, but was snapped up earlier this year by Evaland Shipping of Athens and renamed. The slump in bunker demand probably meant that Evaland got a very good deal, on virtually brand new ship.

The ship was built by Imara Shipbuilding  in Japan, part of the I-S Group of nine shipyards that claims more than 30% of Japan's shipbuilding output.

The ship comes in at 17,027 grt, 28,384 dwt and carries four cargo handling cranes serving five holds. One of the ships folding hatches has been opened slightly, allowing some light for the crew as they clean the hold. Intense cleaning is usually a good sign that the ship will be loading a grain cargo.

Marina L sailed Friday afternoon for Montreal. Due to the lateness of the season, I would guess that the ship is not headed for the Great Lakes, and is likely to load a cargo of grain in Montreal.


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