Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Integrity in the Narrows

With my usual ship photo locations inaccessible, it is getting harder to take pictures of ships in Halifax. My favourite spots, Point Pleasant Park in the south end and Africville Park in the north end are both City parks and as such are closed to the public. Therefore you may see some unusual angles in pictures if I manage to get out for a photo.

Yes this is the Narrows, looking northward as Algoma Integrity passes the A. Murray MacKay bridge headed for National Gypsum. The unusual sight of 350 cars offloaded yesterday at pier 9C makes a unique foreground.

The former Gypsum Integrity, built in 2009 by EISA-Ilha in Rio de Janeiro is a 33,047 gt, 47,761 dwt self-unloader acquired by Algoma in 2105. With the construction industry slowly grinding to a halt one has to wonder how much longer there will be a demand for gypsum. The ship arrived from Baltimore and will likely be returning there as that seems to be the destination for most gypsum these days.

Many of those "semi-public" places places I used to frequent, which are technically port property have been posted recently.  The following signs pre-date the current crisis, and seemed to me to be a tad overdoing it, since all the areas were already fenced, gated and with access controlled by security guards.

Since the Covid-19 outbreak other signs have sprouted up. They are couched in equally stern language, and I have no wish to challenge them! They seem to be related to the roadways themselves and not the fenced or gated areas. Where my presence used to be tolerated, I suspect I am no longer welcome.

Therefore as I have explained in previous posts, I am self-isolating, and will only rarely venture outdoors and even then may not be taking very many photos.


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