Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Atlantic Condor in from trials

The newly built supplier Atlantic Condor is tied up at the IEL wharf following sea trials. That it did not return to the shipyard is usually a sign that trials went well, and that the boat will soon be handed over to its owners. (The IEL dock is home to Halifax Shipyard's Woodside plant and is the base for Atlantic Towing's harbour tugs.)

Atlantic Condor's owners are of course, Atlantic Towing Ltd, although the ship is technically owned by a one ship company. It was built by Irving Shipbuilding (Atlantic Towing is also part of the Irving group) at their Halifax Shipyards.

When the supplier is completed and handed over for operation, it will be used to supply the Deep Panuke gas field off Sable Island.

Atlantic Condor is classified as a cargo vessel since it will carry general cargo and supplies including water and fuel. It is not equipped for towing or anchor handling, so it not a tug.

For three amateur videos the ship's launch go to:


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  1. Correction: Atlantic Towing and Irving Shipbuilding, are part of the JD Irving Group of companies; however Irving Shipbuilding does not own Atlantic Towing.